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After our in person interview, here's what to expect with YOUR BIRTH DOULA PACKAGE;

  • We will have a minimum of two prenatal visits to; create and discuss your birth plan, address any questions or concerns, explore your desire for my involvement and that of your partner, practice relaxation and comfort techniques (such as massage, counter pressure, hot/cold therapy, birth ball), talk about pain management preferences, prepare for successful breastfeeding, create a plan for the day of your baby’s birth, and generally get to know one another!  

  • I will be on-call for you two weeks prior to your due date.

  • When labor begins and it’s time for me to join you and your family, I will remain with you through labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period.

  • I will offer you continuous emotional comfort and physical support, varying in ways from massage to meditation and visualization; helping to create a safe and calm space for you to give birth.

  • I will work alongside your partner to help you, encouraging the inclusiveness of the whole family while protecting the memory of this experience.

  • I will provide evidence-based information to empower you to make informed decisions that reflect your birth goals.

  • I will stay with you after the baby and placenta is born, until you feel comfortable relaxing alone with your new family, usually about an hour.

  • I will visit you within a few days to a week for your included postpartum visit to check in on how you and the family are adjusting, review the birth, and admire your baby!

  • From the moment I become your birth doula, I’m available to you by phone, text or email for support and guidance!


After our in person interview, here's what to expect with YOUR POSTPARTUM DOULA PACKAGE;

  • Prior to the birth of your baby, we will establish a schedule with daytime shifts ranging from 4-12 hours, to start within the first days of arriving home or after the home birth.

  • I will provide in home emotional comfort and physical support during the transitional time of parenthood, with a non-judgmental ear and a gentle doula heart.

  • I will support you through this special physical adjustment period after childbirth.

  • I will help establish breastfeeding/bottle-feeding and pumping success.

  • I will guide parents on baby care techniques such as diapering, bathing, swaddling, and baby wearing.

  • I will offer an extra pair of hands to deal with small tasks such as light household chores, snack or small meal preparation, baby’s laundry, and running errands so you can focus on healing and nurturing your baby.

  • If needed, I will refer to varying areas of expertise that don’t fall within my training and experience, to ensure the family has the help they need to bloom!

  • From the moment I become your postpartum doula, I’m available to you by phone, text or email for support and guidance!

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